singer. pianist. composer. arranger.

The official website for the 23-year-old singer, pianist, composer, and arranger Akenya Seymour. 

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 Akenya Seymour is a 23-year-old multi-genre singer, pianist, composer, and arranger who is pursuing her dream of becoming a professional musician. Although she has been singing and surrounded by music her entire life, her musical journey truly began at age 13 when she was accepted into the Chicago Academy for the Arts; a high school devoted to nurturing the talent of young artists. It was at this time that Akenya discovered her passion and flair for jazz. During her high school career, she performed in some of Chicago's most popular festivals, such as The Pearl Fest and Taste of Chicago, and on some of the city's most accredited stages and venues including the Millennium Park Pritzker Pavilion, The Cultural Center, Fitzgerald's, The Daley Plaza, The Jazz Showcase, and the White Sox US Cellular Field. gfg